Cascade™ Bariatric Spa

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Photos shown with reservoir

Auqa-Aire® keeps the resident comfortable while the spa is being filled with water from the reservoir. The height adjustable one-unit transfer eliminates care-giver back strain and allows the resident to face forward and maintain eye contact with the bath attendant.

Bariatric Features

The Cascade™ Bariatric Series with Aqua-Aire® is designed to give the resident a comfortable and dignified bath. The care-giver will enjoy the innovative design with the following features:

• Resident always facing forward maintaining eye contact with the care-giver

• Aqua-Aire® for a more relaxing bath

• Shampoo & bath oil dispenser

• Hand held shower wand

• Digital thermometer for incoming & bath water

• Built-in hot water shut-off

• Automatic disinfection system

• Removable seat cushion for easy cleaning

• Open seat cushion for better hygiene

• Seat belt

• All in one transfer and scale

• Height adjustable – No need to lift feet

• No back strain for care-giver

• Stainless-steel water components

• Swing-away detachable arms

• 600lb Weight Capacity Transfer

• Reservoir for fast fill

• Auto-fill with shut-off

• Compliment your décor – Choose any color for your bathing system

• UL & CUL Classified, CSA Approved

• 5 year limited warranty